Our Investment Criteria

We are actively acquiring office and industrial buildings throughout the United States.

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The objective of our investment management process is to generate performance. We provide an organizational framework that allows our seasoned professionals to make timely decisions and execute promptly, while ensuring the proper level of institutional review and control.

Setting Objectives and Strategy Development

We set investment objectives and criteria for separate accounts through a collaborative process with the client. With this dialogue, we better understand the role that real estate plays in the client's overall portfolio, and the client can calibrate expectations based on an understanding of current market conditions. We use our research and market relationships, as well as our investment professionals, to guide strategy in both acquisitions and asset management. The goal is to develop a plan that will outperform, is executable, and has organizational buy-in.


We generate opportunities through a variety of sources, including brokers, owners, developers and operators. Since our inception, we have developed broad and deep relationships in our markets. These relationships and our reputation for prompt execution have helped us to successfully compete for attractive opportunities, with two-thirds of our investment transactions acquired off-market. Our acquisitions officers lead our underwriting efforts and are assisted by an analyst and an asset manager. Our underwriting checklist is comprehensive and ensures we thoroughly examine every aspect of the investment. All investment decisions require unanimous consent of the investment committee, which is comprised of the five-member senior management team.

Asset Management

The asset management role begins with participation in the due diligence process, which allows the asset manager to fully understand the asset and underwriting assumptions. Our asset managers cultivate a wide range of in-market relationships with brokers, operators, owners, developers and tenants. These relationships help us gain insight into markets and enables the team to better address leasing and property-related issues. Our asset managers are deeply involved in all aspects of property operations, from directly negotiating new lease transactions to regularly meeting with existing tenants. The focused attention given to our tenants increases satisfaction, and consequently lease renewals, which are a key driver of investment performance.


Our acquisition plan always details a targeted holding period based on the original investment objectives; however, we continually reevaluate this based on changing market conditions. When we decide to sell, we internally conduct pre-sale due diligence to ensure that we discover any potential issues that might impact the disposition process. By performing this pre-sale due diligence, we can mitigate these issues in a way that is often less expensive, and also eliminates delays in the sales process.

Financial Reporting

We understand that each client has different reporting needs, and requires different levels of detail. Our reporting promise is simple: we will deliver timely and accurate reports in any form required by the client. Our promise extends to requests for special reports beyond those regularly required. Our financial team also ensures that we maintain a proper level of internal controls in order to safeguard a client's assets.